Between a Rock and Eat it, too


You guys feel like cake?

A spectre is haunting the US and Europe—the spectre of the alt-right. All the powers of old media have entered into holy alliance to exorcise this spectre. But the vanguard of a zeitgeist shift rightward a decade in the making is all it is, and when they march over a cliff George Soros’ll be there to clean up the splatter. Although the overall zeitgeist shift is broad and variegated—including Andrew Breitbart, Ron Paul, Alex Jones, James Howard Kunstler, Stefan Molyneux—the alt-right itself is limited to a small, mutually-supportive network of webzines and podcasts that espouse an unapologetically fascist worldview: Counter Currents, Red Ice TV, Alternative Right, Radix Journal, The Right Stuff and The Occidental Observer. It represents the first stirring of unadulterated reaction since the inter-war period, and at present is the only coherent, comprehensive rejection since the sixties of the established order which, nearly everyone agrees, is rotten. There should be other alternatives, so to speak, but the appeal of corralling thought never seems to go out of style.

So the alt-right is a hot ticket in an era when the novelty has worn off of everything—an era of sexuality unbound to the point of lethargy, when old men pass for youth impresarios and venerable news networks are no better than the basement barkers they’re competing against; an era when Hollywood devours every last comic book and historical footnote for lack of fresh ideas and

the vast fatigue…experienced by a generation on which the multitudes of…innovations burst abruptly, imposes on it organic exigencies greatly surpassing its strength. (Max Nordau, Degeneration)

Everyone to the right of Glenn Beck in the media wants to cash in on the alt-right label without really committing to, or being tarred by it. Everyone left of Glenn Beck in the media wants to tar everyone right of him with it, without in the process ceding it any power. And the small constellation of bloggers, podcasters and e-book hustlers who make up the original, core alt-right want to leverage all the attention they’re getting to gain power, without having their style cramped by sundry fair-weather fellow travelers, or their lives destroyed by big media witch hunters.

In other words, there’s a lot of cake here that isn’t getting eaten, but is stuck in teeth.

This blog you’re reading is a drop in the bucket of this rightward zeitgeist shift. I’ve been following the alt-right with tenuous enthusiasm since 2010.

Here is where I condone the alt-right:

(1) TS Eliot once said the apex of civilization was 13th century western Europe. Those people didn’t even have penicillin. But maybe Eliot understood something profound about the trajectory of western civilization. Yet today its primary heirs—white people—are the single most maligned, targeted and psychologically disarmed race on the planet, nearly every European capital is brimming with hostile brown vultures. Many whites are not yet able to grasp the grave implications of these developments. In the 1970s, Joe Strummer “went to a place where every white face is an invitation to robbery.” In the 2010s, that place comes to you.

My family and I are regarded, maligned and targeted as white regardless of my being half-Jewish, and if my kids buy too much into the kumbaya MLK dream they’re being sold in school and in the movies and on TV, they’re gonna wind up reliving all the rude awakenings that I went through, many of which were terrifyingly violent.


Imagine a world without white people

(2) Physical threats are bad enough, but as I just said, my kids are being told in school that they have to like it, and education, like any other outlet for public discourse in the postwar west, is a consensus environment subject to peculiar ideological controls. So I’ll take what rebellion I can get, but the most thoroughly quarantined and verboten body of ideas in this environment are far-right.

Yet a resurrection of fascism is symptomatic of the very malaise it arises against. While a certain dose of anti-semitism results from plain lucidity, beyond that point, it’s a mind-narrowing victimology. I grew up in a whiteboy skaterpunk milieu, mostly latchkey trailer types, wiggers and rockerbetties with a tenuously college-bound, congenitally functional upper crust. This is who’s inclined toward the alt-right, and I can tell you they aren’t much different from the brothas in that, if you tell ’em a minimally erudite sounding, lurid morality tale their oyster brains’ll fashion a pearl out of it that they’ll never give a second thought to. This is how Hitler came to power. It’s also where central casting gets its beloved, inverse-Archie Bunker, the paternalistic white working class liberal, rebels of conventional morality like Ed Schultz, Henry Rollins and Jim Hightower. But while this entire ethnic demographic is highly functional, however their politics breakdown, they aren’t very highly sophisticated.

With that in mind, here is where I don’t support the alt-right:

(1) The alt-right is correct about how import race is. But if society doesn’t break down entirely along racial lines outside of prison gangs it’s precisely because race is such a very low bar to exceed when it comes to building relationships (and nobody likes Illinois Nazis, not even in Brooks Brothers). In-group affinities and out-group hostilities have a material basis, it’s only in a time of hyperabundance that we can be so arrogant as to impute strictly spiritual bases to them, or deny their relevance entirely. But anyone who puts his People on a pedestal the way nationalist activists do will see individuals only as warts, especially when their whole gig depends on max-dissemination.

(2) The new media rebellion they’re conducting has worthy targets and it’s amusing to watch them flail, aghast. But the alt-right is less amusing if you take them at their word. Just look at them: vindictive dweebs, sniping on message boards about namefaggotry, genetic test results, trending hashtags, who’s a plant and who’s more authentic than whom. I can’t stand Antifa, but at least they’re fucking punching.

But who, at this late date, wants onboard another grandiose political programme, anyway? I don’t live by committee, it’s fatiguing—I don’t do Who/Whom?, I have a life, I have a family. Activism (beyond simple banding together for physical self-defense and mutual self-interest at a local level) is puerile and effeminate, that’s why Richard Spencer keeps telling reporters how powerful his ideas are, the benefacted attention whoring he’s busy with requires that he indulge in occasional dick-measuring to feel real. Even Jack Donovan—who’s by far the truest to his ideals of anyone on the alt-right—turns out to be a shameless, powerbottom-grooming little e-hawker of merchandise at the same time he’s denouncing consumerism and globalism and modernity, but at least he’s clear about being out for himself and his little band, as opposed to propounding a global or national-level agenda beyond selling books.

What would a Richard Spencer or a Greg Johnson do as president, as governor or senator or as the Brigham Young of an ethnic canton, anyway? These people are saying that if they had power they would pursue drastic social engineering, population transfer, reeducation. For what, to roll back modernity? Good luck! Decadence is an end-tidal outgrowth of the human craving for novelty, the Serpent, Pandora, Babel, Prometheus, of course it’s a yin and yang but at some point you get Idiocracy, this shit goes in cycles. In any case, far ahead of race or class, the real divide in this world is between the meddlesome and those who mind their own fucking business, which is why I can’t begrudge Antifa their sucker-punching, at least these types are targeting each other. I love Counter-Currents, where else can you read about Carl Jung, Batman and Sven Hedin all in one lunch hour? But Greg Johnson has specific plans for who will get to live in his ideal ethnostate, what a sinister combination of control freak and playing tea-party with dollies. Didn’t surprise me to find out the guy’s a fudge-packer.

Interestingly, Red Ice has lately taken to promoting a kind of Nietzschean technophilia that doesn’t strike me as very different from the New World Order. You definitely can’t call Red Ice (or any other major alt-right outlet) civil libertarian, anyway, because the alt-right is symptomatic of this low, dishonest decade, which is nothing about principles and everything about gaining the whip hand, i.e., ressentiment, intriguing, the public image coup de grace. It’s a Game of Thrones ideology. And, just to make myself clear to the pea-brained pamphleteers and crib notes trawlers of this revitalized fascism: I’m not siding against you, or with your enemies. I’m describing you. That these kinds of disclaimers are useful is also symptomatic of low-caliber times. It didn’t have to be this way, there was a Jeffersonian rusticism underpinning 9/11 Truth and End the Fed. Occupy was the terminal playpen of gutterpunk train-hopping. But the 2010s are all about which side’ll get to orchestrate the show trials, only the choices are the same old Coke/Pepsi duopoly. People are just too goddamned rubbernecking stupid and easily led.

(3) The alt-right is an echo chamber because, by definition, party politics precludes dialecticism—that’s what’s so unhealthy about the organized Jewry. So for example, Kevin MacDonald writes that Jews who sympathize with the alt-right should speak out among their own people, but when some poor schlimazel takes him at his word, he gets raked over the alt-right coals. The genetic determinism MacDonald has propounded is just too absolute.

But if certain manifestations of antisemitism can’t be peremptorily written off as irrational, neither can MacDonald’s theory—that Judaism is a group evolutionary strategy—serve to rationalize all of them, it’s as unfalsifiable as any other politicized soft-science. I mean, if Jewish debauchery of all that’s good and holy predates (say) Jonas Salk, would MacDonald’s acolytes give up the polio vaccine if they could turn back the clock? “Power of ideas,” way to outsource. When Trumpledor said “I still have another arm to give the motherland,” it was a ruse? For what, acceptance? Seems the goyim got the better end of that bargain. (Accuse me of arguing from anecdote and I’ll show you Kevin MacDonald.)

So if yiddishkeit can’t be lived down, ever, well… the alt-right’s not my tree-fort, I’m not gonna beg. I make myself known on a message board as an outsider and they call me an infiltrator, ever heard of privacy settings guys? You all raised the Jewish Question anew, have you come up with any answers? What’s that you say? “Fuck off to Israel or die“? It’s the same schtick as Stewart and Colbert, they expound a dead-serious agenda and then claim it’s all shits and giggles when they get called out. How sad to be peddling an ideology of order, hierarchy and opposition to commercial vulgarity in the .25 cents’ admission imagination-land of new media, only to get mere first world pushback as they traffic in ideologies that really punished thoughtcrime. The lurid, diversionary quality of alt-right discourse a la NPI and TRS has a very short shelf life. Now that they’ve had their fifteen minutes, the leadership will spend the rest of their lives scraping donations, “Remember me? Just ten grand more to meet our goal this season.” 

And that’s their business. But I’m no more guilty of Goldman Sachs than Richard Spencer is guilty of the Sand Creek massacre. So bring that message board shit talk in my face physically the way you like to horrify nursing home yentas in the Forward comments section and I’ll beat you to a bloody pulp, same as I would any hostile, pea-brained melanotic.

Like George Zimmer, “I guarantee it.”

Cattle Prod


It gets better

Although making an example of someone is the most primitive, totem-and-taboo method of maintaining order, it is a cudgel uniquely suited to democracy. In America, the buck simply must stop somewhere, for where human beings are reduced, scurrilous and simpering, to their uttermost state of servility, it becomes inconceivable to them that misfortune results from their own inadequacies, or—put differently—that our inadequacies result from nature.

So if this had happened to a white boy in a majority black school district, you can be sure it wouldn’t make the Washington Post:

A ham-faced Missouri teenager puts a squirrel-peeler to his humpty dumpty and squeezes…. Come to find out he was being bullied sadistically from just about sun-up, by dozens of classmates and by his supervisor at the local Dairy Queen, who is being charged with second-degree involuntary manslaughter, and is a woman. (Inadequacy: the apple doesn’t fall far from the woe-is-me, but do you think they’ll charge the parents who went on helplessly eating Dairy Queen while all this was taking place?) One look at him choking back tears in his school portrait and you can’t not pity the boy, so anyone remotely acquainted with him in person had to’ve known what was going on, if they wanted to. Either (a) the whole town is complicit in this young man’s Missouri, or (b) no one is. But local media and opinion say it’s both.

For example, the schools superintendent asserts that the bullying in his district isn’t that bad. How many people like him are superintending schools in this country? Rudolph Höss had a personal touch by comparison. State’s prosecutress April Wilson had this to say about her colleague in public, er… “service”:

We wanted to be very cautious and responsible. Both sides of the issue are extremely important. A young man is dead. But we also want to acknowledge that it’s not easy being in public education.

For the kid or the adults?

And is it easier to manage a Dairy Queen?

In other words, as long as we’re assigning blame arbitrarily….

Is this a justice that would satisfy the deceased Kenneth Suttner? From the looks of the victim and the fact he apparently never fought back, the kid probably didn’t have a vindictive bone in his body. At least, not yet. But on the part of others this utter lack of will is why no one intervened to help him. Nature culls herds of all species, but this is the behavior of prey.

A whole town. An entire race.

Local anesthetic


“More freedom!”

I am trivia

From the hive, I like to watch

On the weekends I kill my soul

A grown man, I hold forth sardonically on comic book characters and the ball-chucking prowess of rough adolescents who have the dexterity to pulverize me to bacon grease

My magnanimity is deeply anti-social, my morality opportunistic, my sense of humor the model that takes up the least amount of shelf space, grafted from the laboratory-grown grey matter of a bellowing autistic Will Farrell oeuvre

I cut loose evenings with a micro-brew on my gaming console, my screen name is Dribbling Gaping Bunghole

You can never be too prudent. They did a study once on prudence.

Ideas uploaded, feelings cloud-hosted

to lift the lid on caprice and program open-source reactions

There’s no need for self-control when you have cowardice

I know a lot about gadgets and the niggers who make noise through them

Niggers are so vivacious

I am a wellspring of fellow feeling

According to a multiple choice personality assessment

Money Matters?


Stickin’ it to the mercantilist classes

I may go out of my way to survive, but I’ll never go out of my way to make money.

I work a soulless corporate sales job. During new-hire training, a senior VP came in to lecture us, and as a way of keeping our attention, he offered prizes—tablets and giftcards—to whoever could regurgitate what he’d said. But to get called on, you had to be the first to raise your hand. So everybody in the room sat there with his elbow crooked, fingers frolicking coyly on the hair in back of their heads the whole time the guy was talking.

Of course money’s just a means, and guns don’t kill people. But getting money consists in punking or steamrolling or hoodwinking or (at best) mutually exploiting those beside you in the trenches, eagerly glad-handing some bossman or client, shaving decimal points or “providing” people things they didn’t know they needed or should’ve provided themselves. Them’s the dogshit facts of life: pursuit of money means fostering or taking advantage of others’ dependence or unwittingness, and is rarely a very honest undertaking.

Look, I ain’t Holden Caulfield—I’m not saying you’ve gotta be Christ on a corndog, but let’s maybe hone that Aristotelian mean. If you’re one of those types who’s real adept at cordoning off his inner dialogue from his interactions with others—if you can see clearly even when you’re blowing smoke—well, mazal tov, let’s not be pals. But ideas matter, if someone gets the better of you in a verbal dispute you don’t hit the staircase thinking, “Sucks to be as wrong as him,” you leave feeling stung.

You might say that characterizing the pursuit of money as dishonest is idealistic, but it’s actually the hardest-nosed realism. Make your paper, booboo. But don’t gimme no pablum about your “ancestors in Indo-European Antiquity, who relegated the mercantilist classes to the lowest rungs of society” and then recommend I go to Dave Ramsey for advice. Don’t buzzword me with Nietzschean ressentiment while you hold forth on how to live the good life and gripe about sore slackers’ jealousy like Real Housewives. As long as your Indo-Aryan ancestors were buying, why should the mercantilist classes have given a fuck what they thought?

Don’t get me wrong—when I say that making a living almost inevitably entails dishonesty, I’m not rationalizing the mercantile cast of mind, I’m condemning it. People have been exploiting one another from time immemorial, but there’s a difference between overpowering someone and making a fool of them. Which is more despicable? That’s subjective. But slyness is the inverse of honor, and today honor’s nowhere to be found. Alt-right nostalgia for kings and potentates strikes me as LARPy, but the world today is ruled by coin-shavers and mirage-makers, priests and pornographers. Marx’s description of the bourgeoisie still stands, there’s just nothing honest about commerce, it destroys freedom and elevates the worst traits and personalities. At best commercial exploitation is even and mutually understood, but that doesn’t make it less skeevie, ever.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be socked in the face than gaslit or glad-handed. No one wants to be a mark. Maybe that’s why everyone’s so sick of America. Americans are sick of America, they’re watching Russia Today. Who can blame them? No one who’s groping for an escape hatch will ever cop to being bourgeois. But mercantilism’s mercantilism whether you worship El Elyon, or the Allfather, or frickin’ Jobu, whether you’re an androgynous asthmatic or you benchpress 450. It’s not less dishonorable when you participate, as opposed to the other guy, it just is what it is. Philosophy and self-help are two different things, as are temporality and spirituality. If you gotta get low, get low, just don’t expect others to see you as you see yourself and believe it’s indistinct from the higher-order game plan.

Entitlements backlog

Look this smug, sadistic sack of shit in the gullet without retching. This effete, marrow-sucking, cryogenic loon, this liver-spotted fondler, posturing with his sleeves rolled up. His very breath is a fog of lies: he gets winded talking.

The Russian government has classified the names of certain (apparently) high-ranking Syria-bound Tu-154 passengers who perished in the Black Sea this Christmas Eve, as part of what was supposed to be a victory delegation. The symbolism of the aid workers and the army choir—the victims we know about—is bad enough for it. Witnesses on shore near Sochi say they saw a flash and heard a bang, before the aircraft penetrated the water.

Of course the Putin regime has ruled out terrorism. For one thing, grubby mohammedan irregulars couldn’t have pulled off a stunt like this without enablement by a western intel agency; for another, given the utterly enfeebled geostrategic position the Putin gang finds itself in, the mere suggestion—much less admitting the possibility—of foul play is simply too humiliating.

Loathing of posterity by the ensconced and responsible is a salient peculiarity of our times. Dying Germany, ruled by a childless matron. Russia running a net population deficit for three decades. And there is no more United States. All there are, is countries for old men.

Don’t defame me, bro


Above: third world political moderates requesting admission to the sanctum of western-style democracy

What to make of recent remarks by the sitting Israeli ambassador to the United States, condemning the Southern Poverty Law Center?

We must reject the shameful efforts of some to prevent any serious discussion about the nature of the enemy we face. I realized the full extent of those efforts only after a controversy erupted over my being here tonight. The day you announced that I was being given this award, the spokesman at my Embassy received an email from the Southern Poverty Law Center asking me why I was accepting an award from what they called an anti-Muslim hate group….

The fact that it was the Southern Poverty Law Center that was making this allegation got my attention. Because I always thought highly of that organization…. So I read with great interest what they sent me. And when it came to their allegations against [the Center for Security Policy], there was nothing that justified the wholesale defamation of this organization or its leadership….

The SPLC and others who asked me not to come here tonight claim to support free and open debate. But in reality, they seem to want to stifle debate. They…have amended that famous Voltairian dictum to be ‘I hate what you say and I will never defend your right to say it.’ I will defame you as an extremist. I will label you a racist and a bigot….

We must not let the defamers and blacklisters succeed. We must not let them turn into pariahs those erudite scholars and courageous reformers who are trying to enlighten us about ideologies that threaten our way of life.

The famous Voltairian dictum, amended! If militant Islam didn’t exist, Israel would have to invent it, but upon Europeans it is being foisted in bald-faced contravention of any antecedent concept of decency. Will they ever manage to shop their way back to freedom?

Neocons like Dermer conflate a first-world living standard with (capital double-u) Western civilization, and proclaim the principle menace to this meager construct to be not carrying capacity or antibiotic-resistant microbes but militant Islam—which is itself a construct, since the real distinction to be drawn among Muslims is between genteel and brute. After all, rape’s not “resistance.” Swarming and groping women on a subway platform is not radicalization. Neither is the relentless beating of your lily children in school a political-religious act, nor trafficking drugs, transmitting disease, hogging social services and conducting turf wars around public housing. Come to think of it, the real distinction to be drawn between Muslims overall is “here” and “there.” So vetting these hordes politically or placating or re-educating them is rightly an afterthought to all but the professions that stand to gain power in the process: yellow media, PC social workers, HR department bias-minders and intel-spook middle management.

Continuing that theme, against that one-in-a-hundred thousand radicalized, RPG-toting pajamaman they like to conjure out of central casting, certain Israelis stand ready with predictably self-serving solutions, namely their own political and financial collusion in inexorable foreign and domestic police action on the part of Europe and the US, and ankle-grabbing white ingratiation to millions of criminal, third world vermin at the expense of the very continentals those vermin are plundering with shockingly cynical Israeli connivance.

So there are those who will inevitably view intra-Jewish spats like this recent one as a shopworn Yid swindle—after all, it’s the defamers and the blacklisters who have a direct line to the Israeli embassy, not the Ancient Order of Hibernians. There are those, like myself, who are hoping this daylight newly-emerged from between the cheek of the “love wins” Jewish commissars and the jowl of their levantine militarist cousins precipitates an eventual parting of ways. But above all, this spat is symptomatic of the interim of paradigm shift in the year of Trump, the fog of a relied-upon consensus passing into obsolescence.

Indeed, as if emerging, dust-caked, ears ringing from a blast radius, consensus acolytes are ambling about in a daze, muttering their catechisms and copybook headings:

David Friedman, Donald Trump’s close confidante and ambassador-designate to Israel, is not a right-winger. To be on the right wing implies that one is on a continuum from liberal to conservative. But Friedman – together with around 15% of the Israeli Jewish population – inhabits a different world entirely. His appointment would represent a total realignment of American policy in the Middle East, with the biggest winner being (surprise) Vladimir Putin. 

The normal continuum runs as follows. The consensus of the international community, the Israeli government, and every American government for a generation is that that there must be a state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel. Of course, within that consensus, there are hawks and doves, right-wingers and left. Some are willing to take more risks for peace, some are more mistrustful of the people they call “the Arabs” and want any peace process to be slow and gradual. But all agree that it’s not feasible to create an apartheid regime in which 7 million Jews rule over 10 million non-Jews.

There you have one Jay Michaelson, writing in the Daily Beast. What need he has of a name in spite of his lacking a soul, we’ll never know, but for the moment never mind his snide self-assurance, he got it ninth-hand anyway. Conformist hacks like these should be facing a firing squad, yet in spite of his befuddlement this Michaelson is slouching towards Bethlehem with the rest of us.

So too Ambassador Dermer, a Kantian character, a baby-boomer from Miami Beach whose commitment to Zionism entailed renouncing his American citizenship. He has been called a traitor for this, but it actually makes him the exact opposite. Whatever his boss’s long-game may be, he and the rest of the coterie of ex-yankee Jewboys surrounding Benjamin Netanyahu are products of a peculiar timeframe, and will persist in applying its outmoded lexicon (circa 2001-06) to subsequent events, no matter how unprecedented.

Thus, Dermer’s “ideologies that threaten our way of life” refers to Muslims who take their Islam literally and seriously enough to fight (in principal, if not ultimately, against Israel) rather than hawking stolen goods and catcalling on street corners in Charleroi and Rotterdam—behavior which is instead dubbed a by-product of diversity and all such “Western values” that “we” are “defending.” In the same vein, “rooting out militancy” means oblique facilitation by the social services of that steady supply of swivel-eyed, subliterate aspiring rappers we see pouring into the immiserated, supranational Hobbesian diversity-state. For the democratic formulary requires the white man’s burden not slacken until it lies heaped upon a corpse, that he redouble his efforts whenever and wherever pea-brained, recalcitrant melanotics are failing to curb their innate criminality.

Defenseless under the night/Our world in stupor lies, when we conflate Diaghilev’s Eros with an affirming flame.

Herzog to Amona residents: Zionism is not a land grab….


“‘To build a home and plant a tree’ I told ’em, LMFAO.”

…..per the Times of Israel.

Pardon me while I die laughing. Zionism, not a land grab! Life is a land grab, I could see excepting pacifism or Buddhism or beta-male hipster bisexuality, but Zionism? Herzog could’ve logically said, “Grab this, not that, grab strategically.” He could’ve said “Grab ’em by the pussy” with greater dispassion, because the basis of leftism is wishful thinking, which is why the Netanyahu administration is starting to look like Putin in terms of longevity in office.

In the same vein, during the Q&A at white nationalist Richard Spencer’s recent talk on the Texas A&M campus, the local Hillel’s young rabbi roused himself:

You’re here preaching a message of radical exclusion. My tradition teaches a message of radical inclusion and love. Will you sit down and learn Torah with me, and learn love?

Radical inclusion! Perhaps King Solomon should’ve divided the baby, so as to’ve been radically inclusive of both broads? Spencer handily eviscerated this low-hanging fruit:

Do you really want radical inclusion into the State of Israel? Maybe all of the Middle East could move into Tel Aviv or Jerusalem…. Look, the Jews exist precisely because they did not practice inclusion [and] I respect that about you.

But if we cannot respect ourselves enough to look in the mirror, how can we expect our adversaries to respect us enough to stop stabbing us for sport under the anatomically ill-proportioned nose of the world’s fourth most powerful army? Liberal Judaism is a masochistic sickness. I’ve yet to encounter a mindset more autonomically empty behind the eyes. Its practitioners mask their real aims from themselves, and the Arabs know it. I hear they’re accepting Levantine asylees in Stuttgart this year, if land grabbing’s not your thing.

Power Lunch


Let them eat hugely important topics

Media coverage of the alt-right has been profuse in the wake of the recent election. Based on the near-uniform reporting in mainstream outlets, it appears as though journalists covering the phenomenon have little prior familiarity with it. Normies affronted for the first time in generations with a resurgent far-right and a critical mass of unapologetic white racial consciousness originating—no less—with millennials savvily harnessing new media, evince not a little sputtering cognitive dissonance.

Maybe they’re right that this is all just a fresh face on fascism. But if so, such repackaging is not so much a subterfuge on the part of alt-righters, but the peculiar ambiance of the times that have given the alt-right momentum. Either way, one reason we keep hearing that there’s nothing novel about the alt-right is because media and academic conformists simply have no ready vocabulary to describe it that’s worthy of its novelty and moment. If the left-liberal hegemony of late-modern Americanism fails to suppress and supersede this new development, it will be because its pundits and cogitators failed to grasp its implications.

Of all the commentary I’ve seen in any mainstream publication, Atlantic editor David Frum’s comes closest (while failing) to treating the alt-right with any real depth or dispassion:

Over the past two decades, Americans have constructed systems of intellectual silencing that stifle the range of debate among responsible and public-spirited people. They’ve resigned hugely important topics to the domain of cranks and haters. If the only people who’ll talk about the risks and costs of a more diverse society are fascists, then the fascists will gain an audience.

A better way to put it might be, ‘If anyone who ever talks about the risks and costs of a more diverse society gets peremptorily maligned as a fascist in publications like the Atlantic, then anyone who speaks of such things will be a fascist according to the Atlantic which—not incidentally—is now a blog.’ But whaddoo I know? I’m not the editor of the Atlantic.

Obviously, David Frum cannot be arraigned individually on this charge he so richly levels at Americans as a whole, but his CV would seem to indict him quite a ways ahead of most others. What we have here is the unintentional concession from a ranking establishment figure, that public discourse in America is a consensus environment subject to peculiar ideological controls.

But whether ‘we’ or David Frum, or whomever, enable so-called cranks and haters to have a voice is much less interesting a question than whether those cranks and haters are saying anything true and worth hearing. Either Frum takes issue with the message regardless of the messengers, or there’s no need to peremptorily tar anyone as a crank and a hater. Even Frum acknowledges that the alt-right is responding to something. For those unbeholden to the interests he represents, a more interesting approach would be to ask whether other—cogent and visceral—interests are threatened, that the alt-right is advocating for. If so, then you’ve got to figure those interests, being prime targets of ‘systems of intellectual silencing,’ had rather not be serviced by the scarcely-chastened likes of David Frum, any more than a rape victim needs to start seeing a philandering shrink.

A Profoundly Evil Man


“This next cat flew in all the way from the Hamptons, please give him a warm welcome….”

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More post-election fools-gold profundity this week as Jon Stewart’s artificial-relevance tour continues:

I think one of the lessons of this book and what we’re talking about is to put satire and culture in its proper place, that controlling a culture is not the same as power. And that while we were all passing around really remarkably eviscerating videos of the Tea Party ― that we had all made great fun of ― [they were] sitting off a highway at a Friendly’s taking over a local school board. And the lesson there is, as much as I love what we did…there is a self-satisfaction there that is unwarranted, unearned, and not useful.

Since when do Jon Stewart’s ilk have to earn self-satisfaction? But the local Friendly’s, there’s the locus of power, not Viacom or the White House, where during Obama’s tenure Stewart was a regular and, at the time, secret guest. This flag-draped charlatan’s disdain for the world of Rockwell’s Four Freedoms is palpable. If controlling a culture is not the same as power, can any amount of power ever be enough?

Ah, but there is a silver lining (via HuffPo):

‘Not everybody that voted for Trump is a racist, I don’t give a fuck what any of you say to me. You can yell it at me, you can tweet it at me. They’re not all racists. Or they’re not giving tacit support to a racist system … We all give tacit support to exploitative systems as long as they don’t affect us that badly.’

[Stewart] brought up a conversation with another person who argued that ‘by saying that [Trump supporters] are not all racists, [he’s] giving tacit support to a man of racist language.’ Stewart then pointed out that many Americans are complicit in exploitative and damaging systems, asking the person to pull out his iPhone. ‘I was like, Guess how those are made, guess who makes them?’ Stewart said. ‘Oh yeah, but that’s …. It’s not different, we all do that. All of our shit stinks and getting beyond that takes incredible work.’

Incredible work,” Jeezus, don’t sell yourself short there, Jon. How much is this fifty minutes going to cost me? These remarks aren’t observations, they’re machinations, an effete struggle session. Power is always selectively moral, at least in China the proletariat keeps its mouth shut. So if a professional moralizer can get past his complicity in sweatshop slavery, what hope is there for those recalcitrant rubes down at Friendly’s?

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