Unfollow, Pt. I

Today America, and the world, have never been less free. Yet, in a way, we’ve never been freer—this COVID lockdown is putting things right into perspective. For instance:

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 10.41.03 PM

“A queen practicing self-care.” Do we have monarchy in America? You know…. crowns? Coronas? According to Wikipedia:

The Mulford Act was a 1967 California bill that repealed a law allowing public carrying of loaded firearms. Named after Republican assemblyman Don Mulford, and signed into law by then governor Ronald Reagan, the bill was crafted in response to members of the Black Panther Party who were lawfully conducting armed patrols of Oakland neighborhoods, in what would later be termed copwatching. They garnered national attention after Black Panthers members, bearing arms, marched upon the California State Capitol to protest the bill.

Of course, that’s not what’s going on, above, in that screenshot from the Instagram of one Lenard Larry McKelvey (who is not only royal, but divine.) Rather—in case you’ve been living elsewhere in the solar system—this Michigan legislator is being escorted into the statehouse by armed men because she fears for her life from “armed protesters marauding through the state capitol demanding an end to the coronavirus lockdown.” Here is a snapshot of just a few of these rapscallions:

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 10.57.27 PM

Just how were they able to get away with it? Why, the color of their skin, of course:

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 10.52.28 PM

One way of testing this hypothesis (don’t tell Mehdi Hasan) would be to look at a control group, like (say) the one in Sacramento that same week. Same demands, same politics, same podunk demographic, but the Californians didn’t even get into the statehouse. They got zip ties from stormtroopers, while their counterparts in Michigan got a field trip.

How to explain this disparity? I’ll tell you how. Common sense gun reform:

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 10.49.56 PM

That picture is from the campaign website of Michigan State Rep. Sarah Anthony, the same Rep. Sarah Anthony being escorted by gunmen in the Instagram screenshot above. You see, not unlike assemblyman Don Mulford, Rep. Anthony supports common sense gun reform like they have in California. What would the Black Panthers make of this—from an African queen, no less? Well…. Perhaps they’d think the same thing the NRA thought of the Mulford Act. Playing superficial factions against one another is how the system creates psychological distance so you can go on supporting it. “NRA: Stand and Fight.” Unless you might have to fight the Black Panthers, and then—quick! Outsource that shit to the police, and the FBI, and the National Guard.

Fear is the ultimate slave master. That, and stupidity. For instance, a few weeks back, Gov. Greg Abbot issued an emergency quarantine order that shuttered Texas businesses. One Dallas salon owner, Shelley Luther, decided to defy Gov. Abbot’s order and keep food on the tables of her stylists’ families. She reopened, and before long, Texas authorities arrested her. Texans were outraged by this. Conservatives are mad about it. Ms. Luther and her attorney are mad about it. But do you know who they’re mad at? Not Gov. Abbott. No. They’re mad at some little metro court judge for enforcing the governor’s order:

That right there’s the Tuck. You can’t cuck the Tuck, unless it’s a Republican governor throwing you out of work and onto the dole. In that case, the Tuck will find someone else to blame. That’s how this scam works. If you were a witness at Deputy Tucker’s county jail lineup, he’d have you cover one eye.

My mother’s neighbor is a German who is quite elderly. Regarding coronavirus—the lockdown and the fear and the mass, compulsive rule following—he said, “This is how it began.” It put me in mind of a quote I’m fond of:

An assault on the inviolability, on the sacredness of the home, would have been impossible in old Iceland in the way it was carried out in 1933, among a million inhabitants of Berlin, as a purely administrative measure. A laudable exception deserves mention here, that of a young social democrat who shot down half a dozen so-called auxiliary policemen at the entrance of his apartment. He still partook of the substance of the old Germanic freedom, which his enemies only celebrated in theory…. Naturally, he did not get this from his party’s manifesto….

That’s Ernst Jünger in The Forest Passage. What does he mean by “the substance of the old Germanic freedom”? What is freedom? How does one find it? And what’s standing in the way?

On to Part II….

5 thoughts on “Unfollow, Pt. I

  1. Guy says:

    I think the “flatten the curve” crowd, at least the few I know and like in real life, are too embarrassed at how naive they were at first to admit seeing the full extent of what’s happening now.

    It also seems that state rep could have probably got some police officers to escort her to work if she really wanted to be safe rather than stage a photo opportunity.

    Also, not sure people like Hasan understand that the average person bringing a gun to the State House also isn’t a fan of cops pulling guns/shooting black people who are slow to follow orders indiscriminately.

    Yesterday on an unpersonalized Google news page the top two stories were general Flynn and the “jogger”. Maybe we’ve reached the peak of their ability to hold the public’s attention with this now, at least until they ramp it up further.

    *I haven’t bothered watching the jogger getting shot. Two reasons, one is im just done watching the snuff films the media shoves in our faces, and two, I’m sick of finding out a month later that the whole thing was a lie.

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    • Amen.

      I also noticed that Tucker was pushing the Gen. Flynn thing hard enough to make it suspicious. Your IRL “flatten the curve” people sound a lot cooler than mine, all highly trained STEM professionals who are dutifully living in fear and utterly trusting the government without so much as an inkling of contrarianism.


      • Guy says:

        I have a close family member who is a nurse that had a nervous breakdown over her fear of the virus. Her daughter is in a risk category, but it’s extreme how she’s responding. It’s made everyone around her miserable as they try and accommodate her and it’s hard to stay in a compassionate state of mind.

        I go back and forth between understanding that these people don’t know the lies we’re subjected to all day every day, to feeling anger that their laziness and cowardice and refusal to admit they were fooled is their real motivation.

        I bet they’re of two minds, like we all are in some areas sometimes, part of them in the background knows somethings wrong but it just can’t take over the rest of their consciousness and influence their behavior or words.

        Other than her, nobody even talks about the virus anymore, and I’m in the science field (barely), they talk about the lockdown or the grocery store mostly.

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  2. Guy says:

    The Black Panthers and the gun toting white protesters basically just want what is best for their people, however they so define it. There is enough land and resources that everybody could have what they need and live peacefully however they so choose.

    Unfortunately it seems like either side, acting rationally, applying game theory in the current time. Has to assume the other is hostile and can’t give an inch. that’ll only be more of the case if things break down even further. Regardless of everyone on either side knowing it’s ridiculous the breakdown along ethnic/racial lines seems completely inevitable.

    both sides know that the law is only going to be used as a weapon against the opponents of whoever is in power. Both sides know they won’t be in power forever. Both sides believe this is their only option.

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    • I agree with all of that, with one exception. If by “Black Panthers” you mean the blacks in that photo escorting their State Rep., I actually think they want what’s worse for white people at least as much as they want what’s best for themselves, and this tendency goes far beyond any counterpart of white disdain or avoidance of blacks. This was also true of the original Panthers in the 1970s (a great example is the opening chapter of Eldridge Cleaver’s autobio, Soul on Ice) but at least they placed a high emphasis on self-sufficiency and being left the hell alone, as opposed to demanding inclusion in systems of power and making themselves instruments for all kinds of Skinnerian thought-policing around “bias” and pronouns and such.

      My next post will be about this very topic.


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