Deconstructing Zionism, Pt. I

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if you will it, it is no dream

(Part II here, Part III here)

The Jews are probably the most hated group of people on the planet, and (to paraphrase Henry Kissinger) any people that is so widely hated must be doing something wrong. Now, I don’t think that Kissinger’s view here is necessarily correct. Jesus was hated in his time, and so was Socrates. But whether we’re right or wrong to be hated, there is much to be said for how one deals with being hated; and I think that a great deal of the rightness or wrongness of being hated can be measured there. So how do the Jews deal with being hated?

We demand acceptance. We castigate others as immoral for not liking us, and feel deeply entitled as victims to validation and moral support. This is what Zionism and liberalism have in common. There can be no greater accomplishment for Israel than to simply be acknowledged as existing, by Chad or Honduras or some Egyptian TV presenter. This is absolutely pathetic. North Korea has more self-respect.

When the Arabs bury their war dead, they own their choices by saying that the fallen died on account of Islam. When Israelis bury our war dead, we say the exact same thing. The Arabs take the initiative; we just keep having things happen to us. The Arabs have martyrs; we have victims—and victims are always on the defensive. When the French lost Alsace and Lorraine, they resolved to “remember it always and speak of it never.” In contrast, it is doubtful that Israel can ever shut up even just for a moment about all its massacres and humiliations, which it fetishizes (including in a week-long national festival each year) and nurses its children on. It’s disgusting.

Of course there are many trends and factions within Zionism, and many different personality types in Israel. But as with my prior essay series on Judaism, the question is, what is the general tendency? For a long time, I badly wanted Zionism to be something virile, and it’s undeniable that there are many very tough and even heroic Israelis. But Zionism’s most representative personality is not Joseph Trumpeldor or Imi Lichtenfeld. It’s Jared Kushner. He may not be the most powerful Jew in America, but he’s the best exemplar of how Jewish power in America functions. And Jewish power in America is more fundamental to Zionism than anything that goes on in Israel.

For awhile now, the conventional wisdom has been that Israel is a jackbooted anachronism in a liberalizing world. This was my view for a long time, but I was wrong. In fact, the opposite is true: it would be more accurate to say that Israel is to the liberal world order what Prussia once was to reaction. Whether you believe that it’s the U.S. pressing Israel into service or the Jews controlling America (or something in between) the result is the same: Israel is a major arm of the U.S. military-industrial-scientific complex, which is essentially the largest criminal enterprise in the history of the planet. America is the empire of science, of finance, of data and behaviorism and glitter that’s not gold. It is “the land of the pariah” (in Evola’s apt phrasing) and the Jews will always be kingpin pariahs. Just like in Once Upon a Time in America, you can become Secretary of the Treasury, but the shtetl will always be haunting you.

So Zionism is not the least bit at odds with liberalism. The goal of liberalism is to advance “progress” across a theoretically limitless field of human backwardness. The goal of Zionism is to secure the existence of the Jewish people against a theoretically limitless field of outside hostility, of “prejudice” and “hate” that knows no reference to the Jewish side of these relationships. It’s the SPLC state. Like the enemies of Hamlet or Big Brother, these ideologies’ adversaries are everywhere and nowhere at once. Efforts to ferret them out and crush them must constantly be redoubled. Thus, the fundamental premise of each is that might makes right. And like liberalism, which functions in machiavellian fashion as its adherents go around preaching human rights, Zionism asserts in the same breath both that Israel has a non-contingent moral “right to exist,” and that its contingent, amoral strength is its ultimate justification.


make up your mind dude

This narrative tension will never be resolved. At bottom, Israel is interested in no principle higher than the Jews’ brute physical survival. Things just keep happening to us, and the moral onus is always on others.

6 thoughts on “Deconstructing Zionism, Pt. I

  1. Liquid Phosphex says:

    Then this brings up the question: If Israel is only concerned about no higher principle the the Jews’ brute survival, then what would that mean for Jews? If Zionism is no more a vehicle for the Globohomo World Order than the Diaspora “rootless cosmopolitans” are, then what is the difference between Bibi and Soros?

    For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? – Matthew 16:26

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    • Well, I think there is a difference, and a few J-right Twitter readers who were upset with me about this piece would like to pry that difference open and get all their sunlight through it. But what I’m trying to say here is that if they want the overall trend to change, they ought to focus their energies first of all on identifying those commonalities, rather than minimizing them and defensively emphasizing the differences.


      • Liquid Phosphex says:

        A laudable goal, and one worth pursing which should try to look into the heart of the matter, but my concern is that some might not buy into it because they’re invested so much in a negative identity that to disavow it would undermine the core of their being (or whatever part of it). But even so, it’s not an easy task and there is evidence that Israel does attempt to be a real nation even when saddled with what the world demands of it.

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  2. It’s probably an impossible goal. Jewish leadership has been an outsourced protection racket for at least 1500 years already. If Zionism hasn’t changed it by now, it isn’t going to change.

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  3. Gavriel M says:

    In contrast, it is doubtful that Israel can ever shut up even just for a moment about all its massacres and humiliations, which it fetishizes (including in a week-long national festival each year)

    I don’t disagree particularly with this article. It’s accurate in the same way that any decent exercise in deconstruction is, and it’s also unfair in the way that any exercise in deconstruction is. But I don’t know what this sentence refers to and I do, as it happens, live in Israel.


    • The annual media and educational campaign in Israel, in schools and on TV (and now social media) in the lead-up to Holocaust Rememberence Day, is effectively a week long each spring and engages every public person and institution in the country. You’re really gonna pretend like you don’t know this? And I’m being “unfair”… how? If you knew I think you’d say. The only way something true can be unfair is that you simply object to it being said. This is an unhealthy attitude.


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