Unfollow, Pt. III

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(Part I here, Part II here, Part IV here)

As I stood in the socially-distanced self-checkout of my nearby Idiocracy Costco, gazing vacantly across a field of eggplant-shaped cattle, the whole history of our species from the agricultural revolution flashed before me, and I understood all at once how the instinct for absolute safety and convenience is strangling everything worthy that’s in us.

I don’t want to beat my sword into a ploughshare—that’s ridiculous. My sword is who I am. Yet here I am, smashed between a hammer and an anvil. I look at my youngest son and see the most unadulterated aggressive instincts. There’s no resentment or ulterior motive, just pure joy. He just wants to fight—to box and run and sword-fight and do archery—and the whole world is against him. Our world is predicated on neurosis and anti-social impulses. Every protected class of people is fundamentally self-loathing. Every feature of modern life conduces toward cowardice and resignation.

Lysander Spooner described the U.S. Constitution as a contract that binds no one. Ironically, that is now the U.S. government’s position as well. You probably don’t know my identity, and I don’t know yours, but (as you already know) a global shadow government knows both our identities, because its skynet backlogs our every word and keystroke—every purchase and fap sesh—in real time. No proposition could be more straightforward than that this proves you are not a man, a citizen, nor even a consumer (who at least in theory has choices) but a subject.

What does it mean to be a subject? It means you have no moral agency. The mandarins of a parallel society will decide right and wrong for you. A good illustration of this was in the news recently. An Omaha middle school employee named James Fairbanks sent letters to the local press confessing to the murder of a repeat child rapist who had gotten away with a couple slaps on the wrist and was out walking around. Somehow, Fairbanks became aware of him, and of some pretty clear evidence that he intended to continue kid-fucking, and decided to kill him instead.

He was charged with first degree murder. The district judge who ordered him held without bond declared that, “There is a reason we are a nation of laws and don’t take justice into our own hands.” Yes, exactly—in this case, so that children can be raped. That is the reason. According to his own daughter, the victim here raped dozens of kids over a period of decades. Lots of people knew what he had done, and could reasonably know that he was never going to stop, yet none but Fairbanks took the highly intuitive step of greasing him. Why not? Because the system told them not to.

Milan Kundera said that “The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.” What’s this guy’s beef with power? Well, by power, he meant the Stasi, who were capable of a great deal less than the U.S. government; but at least its subjects knew how to read. As Jonathan Bowden once remarked, under liberalism, you talk like a Jamaican gangster, and books don’t have to be burned because 40% of the population can’t read them anyhow. We are to our forebears what a beagle is to a grey wolf. By the sum of a million little undecisions, we sign up for this degradation.

The coronavirus lockdowns—the destruction of livelihoods and total abrogation of civil liberties—put me in an extremely libertarian, even anarchist place. I wasn’t alone: a great deal of overlap began to manifest between the anarchist accounts I follow on social media, and the alt-right ones. And then something strange happened: the Minneapolis riots broke out, and (apparently for the sake of consistency) not a few of these alt-right people stuck around on the anarchist side, decrying supposed police heavy-handedness against African-Americans and lauding the riots as a “boogaloo,” with memes like “This is what ‘don’t tread on me’ looks like.”

Setting aside the fact that the “intelligence community” is known to seed and manipulate these subcultures: this is an absolutely delusional take. First of all, Metro PD is undoubtedly a part of “the system.” But so is the media, the Department of Justice, and every public official in Minnesota (and beyond) now calling for Derick Chauvin’s head with every concern for their power and careers, and no concern for the fairness of the system that will try him. Yet (as always with these essentially staged events) the rioters’ grievances are focused solely on municipal police—and on the average white person, whose “privileges” and “implicit attitudes” are presumed to be propping up the world like Atlas.

And this narrative persists when the same system—that just put 100 million people out of work and vilified them for protesting peacefully; that backlogs virtually all our private communications; that tells us not to “take justice into our own hands” and ice a child rapist it has enabled and deigned unworthy of proportionate punishment—gives a mob the go-ahead to torch American cities. George Carlin once remarked that “The upper class keeps all of the money, pays none of the taxes. The middle class pays all of the taxes, does all of the work. The poor are there just to scare the shit out of the middle class.” There is a great deal of racial insight there that Carlin probably did not intend. Accordingly, as with every race riot since Rodney King, Minneapolis is 100% a media phenomenon. And if the system has direct access to your brain the way it does with these “protesters,” then you’re not against the system. You are the system.

The alt-right is the only sub-culture that really clearly perceives the cynical ways that the deviant and the marginalized are pressed into service in this way by the powers the be. But what the alt-right cannot see is the way this draws their alienation into fruitless hostility with those groups, i.e., on the basis of their characteristics and not their behavior.

A related problem with the alt-right is that it is reactionary rather than affirmative. No one in the alt-right just woke up one morning with a penchant for goose-stepping. Rather, it is felt by these types that, because liberal democracy has betrayed liberty and become authoritarian, that this fire must be fought with the fire of an illiberal authoritarianism. But two wrongs don’t make a right. Orwell once said that “if you encourage totalitarian methods, the time may come when they will be used against you instead of for you.” That time is now. The minute corona hit stateside, the whole alt-right peanut gallery came down with a major case of hypochondria, praising the Chinese and denigrating “conspiracy theories.”

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 11.46.59 AM

neoliberalism is statism

It’s very hard to believe (for example) that the TRS network can be so well-versed in Whitney Webb’s reporting on Israeli spyware (they never seem to cite her work, but it’s the sole basis of a lot of their podcasts) and not take seriously everything she’s been reporting about DARPA and big tech plotting to chip everybody like cattle. Deep-diving the “evolutionary psychology” of every lumpy kike they worked with in a call center is more interesting, I suppose. But when every problem looks Yiddish, it’s because you have a favorite gas.

This is actually analogous to certain alt-right criticisms of the alt-lite, e.g., Tommy Robinson:

The whole argument of all these sorts of anti-Islamists is, Muslims are scary, please don’t hurt us… All they’re doing is, they want to preserve their own nihilism, because Islam is a metaphysically objectivist system… Whereas these western nihilists just want to wallow in their own hedonism, that’s what they want to defend.

This kind of eggheaded take ignores the fact that alt-right thought leaders are as eager as the EDL to be kept creatures of a paternalistic state, so long as no one rocks the boat. I mean, what’s more “metaphysically objectivist” than a chimp-out? Police-informant regimes forcing people into stadiums to do calisthenics hasn’t altered mass man’s basic mediocrity anywhere it’s been tried. The only difference between the alt-right (or 3P or whatever autistic label they’re giving themselves nowadays) and fully automated luxury space communism is that the former is racist. Well I don’t think that racism in the form of words and opinions is all that wicked per se. But if you’d trade the Bill of Rights for Hugo Boss, what exactly is setting you apart from the homies?:


Of course he may be right to surmise that western powers are abetting the HK protests. But no one really believes this demagogue when he says he “has no idea what these protests are even about.”

Liberty is priceless. There’s no identity worth trading for it.

19 thoughts on “Unfollow, Pt. III

  1. Guy says:

    I know each of these things seems like”the one”, but I’m getting the feeling that this recent series of riots spells game over for anyone but the wealthiest and the politically connected living in or near a city. Whether or not Chauvin is a murderer (seems like a basic cop) is beside the fact. The ME said it wasn’t murder but they’re going to put it all on him anyway. No police are going to do their job in hostile territory ever again, maybe not even in the suburbs, and when the few who care retire they’ll be replaced by rent seeking minorities squeezed in to make quota. The politicians and rich and the buildings they like will be protected by private security or by some specialist LE force.

    Most of this had already begun, but it’ll get worse, and people will realize it’s happening which will accelerate the process.

    When none of”our” people live in the city, nobody important works in the city, but our hostile state and county governments keep their seat there, what happens? Is there maybe a return to a reasonable balance of power between rural and urban areas? Or do they just start fucking with the rural areas before it gets too that point so everywhere sucks?

    Also, the riots at CNN…. At first I thought they were great. But if these people rioting know CNN sucks and are stoking this, why are they still rioting like assholes? Is it that CNN was there and they know it’s a media company so it got unlucky? Or is this just fake? I’m leaning towards fake (probably helped along by the 30 CIA guys working there openly) , just like the CNN guys arrested on TV for the cameras.

    I’m starting to think CNN, woke media in general (Gillette tranny commercials for example) isn’t aimed at the people who believe it, but at us, to make us mad. It’s too ridiculous to be their best effort at propaganda and control.

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    • Guy says:

      Also, to answer your last question. We have to disengage completely. Work with people we know locally, and starve the beast of the attention it needs. I’m not saying that saves society, but you can’t do that anyway. And any movement that tries will be corrupted. Small business, small farmers, guns, all that…

      The groypers aren’t conservative by any meaningful definition of the word because (and this might be poorly applied to groypers because I don’t know them, but people like them I guess, the guys wearing suits on YouTube talking about how right wing they are) a conservative has no desire to go on television or a Livestream and dance for attention. They just want to be the fancy cool guys in suits on TV who run things. They don’t like the current people doing so, but they’ll turn into them in an instant.


      • I agree about the groypers. Everyone has their price. And you’ve anticipated where I’m going with this – although I guess the graphic gives it away. There’s a great little article another reader linked in the comments on a previous post. It’s from the American Sun, about the legal options for starting intention communities with restrictive covenants. That’s basically what I think is needed. Small-scale self sufficiency with like-minded people.


  2. gk1901 says:

    You jab at the fat jobless loser Mike Eunuch is both a sigh of relief and something that makes me understand your previous posts a little better better.

    Am I right is concluding (in an intetnaionally generlized phrasing) that the difference between you and these types of people is that you believe that Israel (or at least Israeli elements) are part of, for lack of a better word, the NWO, while Groypers/4chaners/Stormf*gs believe that Israel/Jews ARE the NWO?


    • That’s right. It’s obvious that the plutocracy is heavily Jewish. It’s undeniable. But if you stop at analyzing Jews (a la TRS) and their motives as a group you’re getting only a partial picture, AND dragging in a lot of regular people who aren’t involved in the power structure.


  3. Liquid Phosphex says:

    In the great moral scheme of things, there is little difference between Harvey Weinstein and Oskar Direwangler, except the latter was also given his own merry band of suck fucks and protected by Gottlieb Berger and Himmler because Hitler wanted to put his criminal population to good use. Weinstein has the misfortune of looking like a classic antisemitic characture while being thrown into Riker’s Island, but he did have wealth and power most of us would never see in our lives. Everyone else is content with whatever little vices that they indulge in, even us, that more or less allows the Devil to manipulate to do his bidding and degrade our souls, but perhaps that’s the whole of the human condition;

    “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God. All have turned aside; together they have become worthless; no one does good,not even one. Their throat is an open grave; they use their tongues to deceive. The venom of asps is under their lips. Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness. Their feet are swift to shed blood; in their paths are ruin and misery, and the way of peace they have not known. There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

    While I mearly saw this pandemic as a scare at best or an inconvenience at worst, I was not worried about it because most of the things that kept it at bay were basic fucking sanitation, but people are gross and it infected and killed mostly the compromised, the sick, elderly, et al were dying from it. This riot however set off alarm bells to me. Derek Chauvin is a pig and while I don’t believe he intended to start a fire, he did so and the media is pouring gasoline over it. More and more, I am starting to smell sulfur in the air and I believe something bad is going to play out in the aftermath.

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  4. It’s bait and switch…. COVID was one brick in their road, the riots are the next. The cops aren’t our friends, but Officer Chauvin probably didn’t even break any laws or protocols. The whole incident was a pretext.


    • Liquid Phosphex says:

      Indeed. And they took the bait. Hook, line, and sinker. For those who have legitimate grievances over this, it pains me to say that every sick mind is endulging in this chaos. Blacks and Antifa may be rioting and engaging in gross and utterly criminal behavior, Neo-Nazis are celebrating this destruction with glee without lifting a finger and they’re still salty over the fact that the US Government shut down their Nuremburg rally. We may be living in Clown World, but everyone is participating in the circus, especially the Ringmaster in Chief.

      I went over my grandparents yesterday and talked to my grandfather (who is also half-Jewish) about this while I helped him water plants for the garden he was building on the property. A Hispanic (or perhaps Asian) couple wanted to grab some logs cut from the trees that he had cleared and he didn’t mind them taking them from the curb. At that moment, I realized that evil minds and evil men want us at each other’s throats so that they can better control us and put us down and use our resentments against each other to keep us from stopping their plans to turn us into beasts. I shared that moment of clarity with him and he agreed.

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      • Yeah I agree too…. I guess the point people are missing from nationalism is just that good fences make good neighbors. It doesn’t need to mean much more than that.

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      • Guy says:

        If George Floyd really put a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach during an armed robbery, and then was resisting arrest after doing a petty crime, then it’s a good thing he’s not alive anymore. Not saying the cop knew that and was acting rationally on all our best interest, but then again how many people did he deal with every day that probably pissed him off who he didn’t summarily execute in the street? I’m thinking if I was in his situation I’m going to be less worried about this thug’s comfort level and more about what might happen if he gets up, in fact I’m more worried about my comfort level than if he ever gets up again at all.

        … Maybe that’s the point, maybe they want us to see black people as animals and cheer their killing to distract us from our real enemies. At the same time I’m not too keen on having people around me that can be convinced to beat up elderly people by media reports of one loser somewhere getting put down.

        Why have a standing army if it can’t be used to put down a communist revolution. The urban blacks and rich Jewish college kids who are getting involved in this might think they’re just LARPing, but they need boots on their neck and if they can’t breathe? Good

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      • Guy says:

        It’s also hard to take concerns about neo Nazis seriously when there’s like 6 of them in the country. They have their weird meetings and live in the past but other than a sociopath going on a rampage every once in a while, at a rate far less than other”problem”groups, there’s not a while lot of action coming from them other than on the internet.

        Meanwhile antifa, the media and the hapless blacks they manipulate are maiming, killing, and destroying lives more and more every day.

        All we can do is stay strapped ourselves.

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  5. Liquid Phosphex says:

    No one here is defending George Floyd or the communist uprising happening right now. What we are complaining about is having some career criminal being turned into a martyr and how people are being played like a fiddle into burning down their own cities. And I will reiterate that I would still wouldn’t trust Derek Chauvin even if he did nothing wrong because he would still be part of the system that persecutes those not beholden to it. What you’re missing is that your right to defend yourself and grease those that would put you in chains does not give you a blanck check to form lynch mobs unless their behavior is truly subhuman like the state allowing pedophiles to walk scott free.

    And speaking of those “6 of them in the country”, you clearly fail to see the ranks of stormtroopers underneath them. I might be naive to think that Antifa are nothing more that organized thuggery, but if you think that Neo-Nazis aren’t as much of a threat or even a bigger one, you’re fucking stupid.


    • Guy says:

      Yeah they’re not really a big threat. Sorry if I’m stupid, but society finds them distasteful and they have no political clout with anyone outside of their tiny insist communities that are half FBI agents anyway. Antifa and radical blacks meanwhile have the media, government and a lot of soccer moms on their side.


  6. Guy says:

    It’s also hard to take concerns about neo Nazis seriously when there’s like 6 of them in the country. They have their weird meetings and live in the past but other than a sociopath going on a rampage every once in a while, at a rate far less than other”problem”groups, there’s not a while lot of action coming from them other than on the internet.

    Meanwhile antifa, the media and the hapless blacks they manipulate are maiming, killing, and destroying lives more and more every day.

    All we can do is stay strapped ourselves.


  7. gk1901 says:

    May I ask why did you delete your post on US Aid to Israel alltogether? I was under the impression (mainly cause you said so yourself) that you still stand behind it.
    If it is down for good (and you’re no planning on writign an updated version) I would love to have a copy of the original, mainly for the the technical details it has.


    • I’m going to retool that article and possibly repost it later. There’s an earlier version over at Affirmative Right and possibly several on the Wayback Machine.

      Yes, the U.S.-Israel relationship costs way more for Israeli taxpayers. It’s interesting and belies a lot of hysteria on the topic. But this argument is hugely overshadowed by the simple fact that Israelis obviously want the relationship. So if the relationship is perverse, and Israelis want it, then how do I look arguing that they’re being disadvantaged? The question is not only which side pays more, but who benefits more, and what other options does Israel really have? My article didn’t factor those things in.

      The bottom line is, the U.S. doesn’t need Israel. Israel needs the U.S. I’m sure you’d dispute that, but you’d be banging your head against a mountain of evidence.


      • gk1901 says:

        I agree about the “Israeli want it part, but not about the “Israelis need it” part. I would argue that the truth is that Israelis want it because they’re SURE that they need it, even though they don’t.

        Israelis want it because they were taught that we need it, never stopping to ponder about it. US Millitary aid amounts to around 3% of Israel’s total average annual buget. Now, if you count Israel’s defense budget, than yes, US aid makes up about a quarter of it – but the thing is, if for some reason those 4 Billion dollars disappear, Israel could technically just fill the gap with it’s own citizen’s tax money, which it has shitloads of because as you might known we are one of the most heavily taxed nations in the west.

        There’s nothing PHYSICAL that pervents Israel from doing so, there is, however, an intelectual problem with it, as all of the Israeli economic descision makers are still locked in a Mappai (Labor party) borderline socialist mentallity that Israeli society is stuck with since the 50s (in the same way that the whole צבא העם сoncept is). They want to privatize anything, so for now they see no problem at getting American money, which allows them to spend our own money on stuff like damned healthcare of one of the worst public education systems in the world.

        People who usually talk about ending aid to Israel do it because they have this fantasy idea in their head the once the aid stops, the IDF will turn into the Tonga Police Department of something within days, and Israel will be ripe for the taking by it’s enemies. I hope you don’t mean THAT when you say that “Israel needs America”.


      • You’re taking a very narrow perspective here. Business with the U.S. accounts for a huge proportion of Israeli GDP. And GDP might not be the best metric, because of the vast strategic importance of ties to e.g., Silicon Valley, or the military-industrial complex. The percentage of U.S. aid relative to Israel’s defense budget is an iota of the overall picture. Alter this picture and you’re taking food off every table in Israel.


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