Deconstructing Zionism, Pt. III

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(Part I here, Part II here)

I just got finished watching the second installment of Mouthy Buddha’s Pedogate series. Almost as soon as I shared it on Twitter, my account was suspended. The video will surely soon be taken off YouTube, but it’s already up on BitChute. In case you think this stuff can’t shock you, what Buddha manages to uncover is novel, even for those of us who followed Pizzagate closely and had already heard of Jeffstein Eprey ten years ago.

Buddha is a savvy videographer who is very good about sticking to facts and leaving viewers to their own conclusions. It’s a wise course, as the slightest hint of conjecture would only provide grist for the mill of powerful detractors. But the spectrum of inferences that can be drawn from this information by any reasonable person is exceedingly narrow. Essentially, there is a monstrous conspiracy at the highest levels of institutional life on this planet, and its insiders are able to get away with blood-curdling ritualistic crimes.

One of the institutional settings that is rife with these horrors is Hollywood, and we all know who runs Hollywood. It was always obvious, moreover, that Jeffstein Eprey was an Israeli asset. It’s obvious as well that Israel has moles high in America’s most sensitive institutions, private and public. It would be very hard to imagine that these people have the interests of Americans in mind—it would be very hard to imagine that their purpose in the United States is benign whatsoever. (Believe me, I’ve tried.) And in general it’s obvious that Jews are vastly overrepresented among the most debauched ruling class in the history of the human race—Les Wexner, Ed Buck, the Pritzkers, the Bronfman heiresses of NXIVM sex cult fame, etc., etc., etc. These are some of the same people who backed Epstein, and who back organized Jewish communal life at every level. For example, Hollywood potentate Arnon Milchan, a “former” Mossad man, is a close associate and sponsor of Netanyahu. What are the chances that he (and Netanyahu) don’t know exactly what lies at the bottom of the murky depths Mouthy Buddha is plumbing in his videos? What are the chances he isn’t complicit in them?

I know what the Jewish response to this may be: that spiritual darkness and realpolitik are not exclusive to Jews. Neither, in the grand scheme, is the proportion of Jews involved in any of this stuff very large. That’s correct. I’ve made these arguments myself and they certainly have their place. But a decent human being who uncovers institutional rot opposes or at least divests himself from it. Of course not every offshore bank account and weird coven in the Marin headlands is orchestrated by the Sanhedrin. But the rot we’re talking about here is at the heart of Jewish leadership, and thus at the heart of the Jewish community. Where is the condemnation, from any quarter of organized Jewry? There is none. It’s not even a controversy—you have to leave the reservation if you even want to acknowledge it.

If you are Jewish, does this not give you pause? Do you seriously suppose that if you go around identifying as Jewish, you are not identifying with precisely these phenomena? Be serious. Human groups are qualitatively different from each other. Jews may be a fractious bunch, but they are simply more beleaguered—and thus, more closely tied to their leadership—than, say, Russians or Americans. The scope of their group interests is proportionate to a heightened sense of threat. So, in the same way that (say) the overthrow of the Nicaraguan government by the United Fruit Company has something fundamental to do with what America is, worming into foreign halls of power has something fundamental to do with what Judaism is. This is reflected in the Bible (e.g., Joseph, Esther) and so much of subsequent Jewish history that it doesn’t need enumerating. Put simply, Jeffstein Eprey is not a new development.

One windy winter night in Tel Aviv, well over a decade ago and about a year before I entered the Israeli army, I was befriended by a mysterious stranger, an IDF special forces veteran who was four or five years older than me, and vastly more worldly and self-confident. Like me, he was from an Anglophone country, half-Jewish on his father’s side, well-built, and phenotypically Aryan—aside from a pair of deep-set brown eyes. Over the course of a year, we spent weekends together, mostly in bars and nightclubs. I would later find out that he is the scion of an oligarchic dynasty in his country of origin, but I didn’t know it at the time—though I did notice that money was no object to him. He had a sports car, designer clothes, and an apartment in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Israel. In retrospect, some elements of his backstory didn’t add up, but he was in superb shape and it was more than plausible he’d had an elite designation in the IDF. At times (usually after a few drinks, but not too many) he would ask me oddly morbid “hypothetical” questions—things like, could I murder an innocent child if it was absolutely necessary to complete an undercover mission undetected? My answer to these questions was invariably no, and he would counter with forceful, well-considered arguments to the effect that there’s no point in even joining the army in the first place if I’m not willing to do whatever it takes for the country.

Are you comfortable with this, ya’yahud? With supporting a cause for which such things must be done? Of which Jeffrey Epstein was an operative? I am not asking you to own these things personally. Rather, I’m asking you to think seriously about the cause you profess to believe in, just like my former friend—who was clearly sizing me up for recruitment into something other than just the IDF—was asking me to be serious about it.

Of course, injustice may always be necessary to further power. I don’t say that the Jews belong nowhere, or that our national project ought to be dismantled or abandoned just because politics is nasty business. The issue for me is whether power is being accumulated in pursuit of a vision, a higher ideal. A commonwealth should promote truth, beauty, excellence, justice, and vigor for their own sakes in its people. That is how a people becomes a “light unto the Nations.” But for Israel, there is no higher ideal than to outlive our persecutors—to exist and accumulate power in endless insecurity which we ascribe to some social disease or malevolent spirit that can never be examined dispassionately.

The problem is that Judaism is an unhappy culture that operates out of constant reaction to past slights, necessitating a clandestine orientation to the outside world that is by turns vindictive and pathetic. That is why Israel (with its vast technological talent) has become the Prussia of global liberalism—a spearhead, exempt from this system’s normative decorum (as all traditional pariahs are nowadays.) Zionism once promised a “new Jewish man” unencumbered by this messy psychology. It was a good idea while it lasted.

20 thoughts on “Deconstructing Zionism, Pt. III

  1. Liquid Phosphex says:

    I know there is a lot of sexual abuse that is rife among the Hasidic community because many are afraid to speak out, and those who do are immediately ejected from it and forever isolated. Judiasm is still a subject of fasination to me, but more and more I’ve some to the conclusion that Judaism is a worldly religion in spite of the spiritual window dressing with the legalistic and ethnocentric mindset that does more harm than good to its adherents. That’s only a fraction of what is out there or what you have described, and it’s sad that a lot of what you’ve said was fallen on deaf ears.

    Also, I’m guessing you’re being baptized in the Christian Orthodox faith, which is a good thing. On that note, I know of a podcaster by the name of Common Filth that I would recommend you listen to. He only does them rarely but he has a loyal following that has also drawn ire when he was prominent. He has a Bitchute and his older work has been archived by fans that should definitely be worth a listen.


  2. gk1901 says:

    “Where is the condemnation, from any quarter of organized Jewry?”
    So essentially, this video:


    • I’m not sure what you’re asking or trying to say here.


      • gk1901 says:

        I’m asking whether you agree with it.


      • Mouthy Buddha presents facts, not opinions. Do I believe the facts he presents are facts, i.e., are they actually true? Yes, I believe they are.


      • gk1901 says:

        No, I have asked about the “Myth of the Good Jew” video that I have linked to.


      • My bad. Look, IDK about that video but if the title is any indication then no, I don’t agree with that. I think that Judaism is a flawed worldview, not that Jews are per se bad people.


      • gk1901 says:

        I’d suggest you watch it.
        If you want a tl;dw: he expends on the “Where is the condemnation” question. He asks, if not ALL Jews are bad, how come he never seen even one Jew standing up against all the things [the he believes] Jews are involved in, some are true and bad (the pedophiles rings), some are true but not inhenently bad (controlling the media or politics, stealing nukes) and some are just plain lies, at least I hope you agree with me on this one (“The Holohoax”, doing 9/11, systemtaically poisoning America’s food). His answer, which sums the whole thing up, is “we never see Jews going against this, because the moment that a Jew will do it, he’ll sieze to be a Jew”.


  3. gk1901 says:

    Another thing: I have watched Mouthy Budha’s video. I know the guy from his JQ videos from a couple of years ago, which I think proove that he is exactly the opposite of someone who “is very good about sticking to facts and leaving viewers to their own conclusions”. That series had true comedic gold in how much it failed to be the objective, fact-only video it claimed to be.

    However, he did a good job on that Pedogate video. As someone who has done some research into this topic myself, I’m glad this video exists and Budha will deserve a lot of credit if it’ll end up sending even one CP abomination to oblivion. It even shed some light on things the puzzled me before.

    However, I do wonder what does this video had to do with Jews, Zionism, or Israel? If anything, this video made me way more concerned about the Russians, since it is the home of all them search engines the publically display CP for all to see. The quesion of whether the Russians are a part of the ZOG machine or infact the biggest oppoonents to it is a question that divides the alt-right (Anglin and Dawson love Putin, Adam Green and John Bjerkens don’t), but this is a topic for another day.

    My point is that I don’t see what the point is to open a blog post about Zionism with a video about a pedophile conspiracy, without implying that this conspiracy is Jewish BY NATURE. Which no, I’m not saying that this is what YOU are doing here, but knowing Budha’s previous work, knowing his audience, and knowing bitchute, it is very obvious that the connection between this and “muh Talmud endorses pedophilia” have already been made in the comment sections.

    Which is funny, because this video actually accidentially prooved something I’ve been saying for years. It show some CP content from Warosu, a site which is just a 4chan archiver. This whole modern stop-the-Jews movement started in 4chan as well. Isn’t it extremley funny how the people on /pol complain about how “all kikes are either fags or pedophiles” while their forum is two clicks away from the CP cesspool that is “/b”? Isn’t it ironic how a lot of the anti-Jewish meme culture was born in places like Encylopedia Dramatica? Nothing says “opposing Jewish degenracy” than links to Goatse. cx… Isn’t it funny how the main coder behind the “Goyim Defense League” (a group related to Patrick Little, which might be a federal operation itself) is a proven pedophile even though their whole site is about Naming-The-Jew? Isn’t it funnt how the guy who coined the saying “to learn who rules over youm find out who you can’t criticize” (not Voltaire, unlike popular belief) was convicted of CP possesion?
    It really as though the the JQers hang out in the same places as the people they hate the most, and sometimes ARE the people they hate the most.

    It is also funny if you look at it historically. You see people claim the the entire Jewish culture is sexually depraved and degenrate compared to the might of the west… but wait, didn’t the Greeks inventend the concept of pederastry? Didn’t the Spartans raped their own rookies as part of the Agoge? Or how about Neo-Pagans on renegade tribune who are disgausted by the “blood ritual” which is Bris Mila, while praising the Viking tradition that invented the Blood Eagle ritual…

    Point being: whoever is behind orginized pedophillia does this because he is, well, a pedophile, and not because he is Jewish.


    • I’m not aware of Buddha’s JQ video. Yes, not all of his vids are straight reporting, some include his opinions and reflections. The Pedogate series, on the other hand, is very circumspect.

      Your reasoning here is motivated. You’re saying on the one hand that pederasty is not a culturally particularized problem, but you’re also suggesting that it’s more of a problem for anti-semites or Indo-Europeans or something.

      I would agree that it’s not culturally particularized. I am certainly not saying that pederasty is something Jewish. I’m not blaming Jews per se for oligarchy or corruption or pederasty. I’m saying Jews comprise a dominant faction of the most debauched ruling class in the history of the world, and the only time this bothers you is when it’s pointed out.


      • gk1901 says:

        I was misundestood. I do not really think that pedophilia is “more of a problem for Indo-Europeans”. My point was that should you apply the same logic that some people use to defaim Jews for being “all fags and pedophiles”, well, you’ll also find out it applies on even the most Evropean races. I just reject said logic alltogether.

        “The only time this bothers you is when it’s pointed out.” But that’s the thing. I am more bothered by the fact the ruiling class is made of, well, douchebags, than about their etnicity. If other cabal members are, let’s say, Norwegian, maybe even Norewgian OFFICIALS, I wouldn’t expect the Norwegian people to apologies for it. Just like I hate blaming today’s Germans for the Holocaust.

        To me, Epstein was an evil man, not a JEWISH evil man. Let’s take it down one scale from national to famillial. If I had a cousin who turned out to be a serial killer, would I be embarssed that this man shares a surname with me? Yes, but it won’t make me ASHAMED of that surname, let alone conscidering changing it. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but it seems to me that you think that the moral things for Jews to do is not just to condemn Epstein, but to go one step beyond…


      • Look: there is a pervasive problem of Jews being vastly overrepresented in the most debauched ruling class in the history of the world; those same people being the money behind organized Jewry at every level, and no one remotely prominent in any Jewish sect or organization meaningfully opposing it. To you, Epstein’s evil was unconnected to his Jewishness. To anyone with both eyes open, Epstein was literally an agent of the Jewish state. And yes, if a relative who shared my surname was a notorious criminal, I would seriously consider changing my name.


      • gk1901 says:

        A’ight. Our points of view seem to be vastly different and perheps shaped by each one’s life experiences. While I don’t agree with you I do not believe that what you are doing is moraly wrong. I would assume that you do believe that what I’M doing IS.


      • gk1901 says:

        Let’s end this on a good note. I wish you well.


      • Sure. I too wish you all the best.


  4. gk1901 says:

    One last semi-related thing: I watched Buddha’s video again, crossed it with my own research and I have to conclude that these Russian sites seem to smell more like an FBI honeypot than a Jewish-run pedo haven.

    Now I know what you’ll say – “the whole Epstein thing was also ‘just’ a Honeypot, right?”, well, not in the same sense. Correct me if I’m wrong, but what if I understand correctly is that the point behind the Epstein operation is believe to be Israel pushing powerful people into having sex with minors, documenting it, and using it to blackmail them into being pro-Israel or something. There’s a difference between that and what seems like a site designed to CATCH pedophiles – not rich people, but rather hillbilly-losers-living-in-their-moms-basement types – and bring ’em to justice. Controversial means to a justified end.

    Buddha teases that part 3 of his series is supposed to shed light on the owners of the website. If his conclusion is different to that of mine, I’ll take all I’ve said back.


    • You may have something there. The problem with that theory is the involvement of so many well-connected people, who apparently are able to commit these acts and get away with it, even going so far as to leave clues in public places such as Instagram. If you haven’t seen the first installment of the series, it gives more context.


      • gk1901 says:

        I would explain this by syaing that first part of the video is realllly streching it, looking more like a parody of conspiracy theories than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, the problem addresses in this video is very much real, but connecting it to Tom Hanks and co… I knoe Hollywood is degenrate, but this seems to be more of case of somebody shooting and arrow and than drwaing a target around it.

        Hank’s smoking gun actually can be explained realitvely easily – SRC is the construction company and USA stands for Underground Service Alert. It’s a California law to get a permit before they dig there. White markings indicate proposed excavation, there’s a lot of info here. So it’s definitely not a weird thing to see spray painted on a street, and it would be easy to accidentally take a photo with these letters in there.

        Doing some more digging I found out that SRC also happens to be the name of an international modeling agency seemingly based in Russia. On their website they have child as well as adult models. This is a better explanation of why children show up if you google it on a Russian search engine

        So here’s my theory for what’s going on.

        1. Yandex is still realitvely new to big-tech and have not caught up to western censorship tech.
        2. As ironic as it may sound, Russian law inforcement actually has a very “hands-off” approach on just about anyhing (unless it involves political dissidence against Papa Putin), they don’t really do much against these kinds of things unless they blow up.
        3. Post soviet Russia in general has this “glamour culture”, as well as a general tolarence of nudity. This mixture is a good explanation to how they have developed a culture where child modeling and just uploading pictures of children to their online social media platforms “just to brag” is acceptable.
        4. These three elements combined may explain how the Russian internet became a haven for whoever wants to share borderline CP content (I say borderline because even Buddha’s video presents child pcitures that are’t pornographic per se, it is just the context and places where they are shared the make them so. Believe me, there ARE sites that show acfual child sexual abuse, and luckily these ones are being hunted quite impressively. Just this year two massive website of this style were shut down). Point being, as sick as it it, these sites like imgsrc were more likely to have been created organically.
        5. American Law Enforcement is aware of this but does nothing becauze it is a perfrct way for them to have a honeypot that they DON’T have to run themselves, let alone when it is hosted in their countrie’s biggest rival. And we do infact know on cases where end-users were arested precicely based on their activity on imgsrc.


      • You’re ignoring a thousand facts that give context here, starting in (but not limited to) the video itself and the previous video in the same series. I don’t know what your aim is here. You started off defending Jews. Now you’re defending Tom Hanks. I don’t get it.


      • gk1901 says:

        Let’s wait for Buddha’s third installment and see. As I said, I am willing to retract my theory.


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