Wear the Mask, Bigot

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“TRS retweeted”

I had an instructor in professional school, a black woman, who used to arbitrarily hand out low grades to smart white students. (No—not just to me.) She would always gerrymander the topic of race into her lectures, too. It was very annoying. Essentially, this person lived and breathed negritude. She had a software system in her brain that not only scanned constantly for certain signs, but could make totally unrelated signs fit the patterns her software was designed to uncover. This is the kind of thing I have always seen going on with the JQ on the alt-right:

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You’re more than welcome to take a look at the thread that Enoch here is retweeting from. You may notice a few things. First, Zach Goldberg does not have a blue checkmark. He’s not a public personality. For a private person, 12.9K followers is nothing to sneeze at, but his word is no more consequential than Enoch’s is at 14.3K. Second, where does Zach Goldberg “blame whites for the problem”? I don’t see it. Third—who is “everybody clapping”? The reactions to Goldberg’s thread seem to mostly be from Joe Rogan bro types. For them, the information presented is novel indeed. So what’s more likely? That Goldberg is appropriating white nationalist narratives because he’s a Jew who wants to co-opt pro-white audiences? But that would be Mike Enoch’s job. Zach Goldberg, on the other hand, is obviously just a derpy centrist who’s late to these insights.

When you commit yourself to narrow activism, you have to die on that hill, and there will be times that you have to make a lawyerly argument, to obfuscate, to filibuster and demagogue. It takes no great powers of perception to pick up on the fact that Mike Enoch is a master of this. But what this little example with the Zach Goldberg retweet reveals is that Enoch also has no problem concocting the purest, most blatant lies and putting them in front of his audience.

A couple weeks ago I was listening to an FTN podcast, and within the first ten minutes, one of the presenters, referring disdainfully to conspiracy theories about COVID-19, says, “If you can convince me that Bill Gates is Jewish, I’ll believe this conspiracy.”

Putting aside the fact that in the current year, of course Jewish plutocrats are involved in a ruling class conspiracy, FTN here encapsulates my whole problem with alt-right JQ memes. Bill Gates is fucking shady. COVID-19 is shady. The government’s whole response to it is shady. It’s obviously a huge psyop. Yet in the (apparent) absence of Jews ex machina, none of this interests FTN. Months after they happened, TRS podcasters are still disparaging the anti-lockdown protests (~45:10) in terms resembling those used by liberal pundits. NPI/Radix is likewise still treating COVID-conspiracy theory dismissively (~38:00). This isn’t just a difference of opinion about the numbers. It’s moral support for a plutocrat agenda from people who brand themselves as dissidents.

Here’s another example, this one from James Allsup: “Easily Falsifiable 5G Conspiracies are a Hamster Wheel for White People.” Well of course an “easily falsifiable” conspiracy theory is a trap—for anyone who falls for it. But that’s not what Allsup means. TRS has internalized MSM tactics, which (again) they have an obvious talent for. So the point of an article like this is not to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to 5G conspiracy theories. It’s to plant a suggestive seed in the minds of unwary followers that some (pretend) authority says you’re a moron if you’re giving consideration to any 5G conspiracy theories. Yet 5G is a critical tool of an incoming system of totalitarian control. You only have to look at the facts. Why would these self-styled dissidents want to discourage that?

They do the same thing with 9/11—not just to their audience, but to their colleagues. A few years ago on a podcast (~50:00), podcaster “The Mad Wop” starts in with a bit of trutherism. Promptly, and with a lot of pretentious sighs and awkward pauses, Enoch and McNabb start steering him away like a couple of boardwalk con-men, claiming there’s no hard evidence for dissenting theories, blaming Saudi Arabia and “bureaucratic incompetence.” McNabb then asks, supposing it was an inside job, “what does it get us” to promote 9/11 truth?

IDK, what does it get you to promote Goebbels and Himmler? TFOH.

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First they say al-Qaeda did it, then they say they’ve “always been skeptical” (~20:00) of the official narrative. Then they say the Jews did 9/11 at the same time (~20:00) they say the Jews “created the whole 9/11 truth movement.” None of this makes sense. Noticers aren’t supposed to not notice things. Professional noticers are not supposed to run a sideline in telling their audience, “Move along, nothing to see here.”

So what am I saying? Am I saying that TRS are feds or that you shouldn’t be listening to them? Look: when they’re right, they’re right—amen. When they’re entertaining, they’re entertaining—bravo. And when they’re lying, they’re lying. I frankly couldn’t care less about their identities, or their real motivations. I don’t really know who anybody is on the internet. The only barometer of honesty is whether the things you say are true. TRS says many true things, and they also have a propensity for obscurantism that’s very odd considering the boldness of their worldview in other areas.

There’s a name for this kind of thing. It’s called gatekeeping. Beyond that, I won’t speculate. I don’t have to.

17 thoughts on “Wear the Mask, Bigot

  1. gk1901 says:

    1. Pardon my stupidity, but what does “Jews Ex Machina” mean? (Yeah I know what DEM is)

    2. To be honest, TRS probably IS a fed operation to some extant.

    3. This article accurately describes what I call the “Barabara Spectre” syndrome. I would have explained but I think the title is pretty self explainatory.


      • gk1901 says:

        Well, I know THAT. I literally said that I know what a DEM (= Deus Ex Machina) is. What I did not get is the meaning of your play on words here. I thought I get at first, but then I read the sentence again – ” Yet in the (apparent) absence of Jews ex machina” – I thought your whole (new) point is that there NO such thing as an absence of “A Jew from the Machine” (= a kite behind every negative thing).


      • I’m confused about what you’re confused about. Anyway, all I meant with this post is that some people (TRS, in this case) will ignore any nefariousness that doesn’t have a Jewish angle to it. Which is stupid.


      • gk1901 says:

        Would be intrested in a post where you list things that are, in your opinion, “nefariousnesses that don’t have a Jewish angle to them”.


      • Well, at this point it’s kind of hard to disentangle the Jewish elements from globalism, but I’ll tell you what I’ll do: I’ll put together a post about the Zionist relationship with right-wing movements outside Israel over the course of the 20th century and make a comparison with the Zionist movement now that (as I see it) is arm-in-arm with int’l liberalism.


      • gk1901 says:

        Are you saying that (in your opinion) Zionism used represant and be something better than what it is now?


      • Yes and no. Zionism has always been colonialist, militarist and ethnically chauvinist, but a lot of the constituencies of liberalism (blacks, Muslims) are indulged by liberal elites in similar attitudes and behavior. Jews are likewise a protected/useful group that’s allowed to get away with this. That’s because Zionism was always a pet project of Jewish oligarchs. I mean, the Balfour Declaration is just a letter to Lord Rothschild. But for as long as liberalism was opposed to communism, Zionism as an arm of international liberalism was grittier and less moralistic than it is now. And then there’s the fact that it wasn’t very long ago that what we today might view as excessive militarism and racism were considered normal even among yesteryear’s liberals. So in that sense, yes, Zionism was something much better than it is today.


  2. Liquid Phosphex says:

    >But to some extent, this has to be a kind of logical fallacy, because Twitter is itself a showcase for the worst human behavior. If Twitter activity was the main criterion for judging any particular human group, you’d have to gas them all, no questions asked. It’s a horrible medium, conducive to nothing but the lowest forms of dissembling and false moralizing

    Yes! It is exactly what Twitter is. A soapbox wrapped up in a hug box. Whatever usefulness Twitter has can be found on other platforms, but it attracts those who want their own bully pulpit that sucks you out of interacting with a real crowd, and even then those crowds at best would only parrot what you say without thought or introspection.

    I used to have a twitter account a long time ago, but banning me was the best thing the Twitter staff ever did. Although it does pain me to say that there was good gems worth saving and archiving that are lost to data overwriting and human memory that could never be recovered. A damn shame.


    • Yeah they banned me too. I still have a throwaway account, but the whole platform is much more like a Black Mirror-style social approval video game than any other medium, because you’re responding to strangers and liking/following based on random things people post. Much more of a time-suck than other mediums.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Liquid Phosphex says:

        That would be social media in general. Everything is made to keep your eyes glued to the screen, while the curated content is made to be bland and inoffensive as possible. Some of the worst of the internet has to offer occasionally surfaces from those platforms, but they are quickly shut down by an army of contracted sanitizers being paid pennies on the dollar while their unprepared psyches are scared. Social Media is a Moloch, and that is without the legions of narcissists on the platforms.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Liquid Phosphex says:


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      • Guy says:

        The earnest discussion of racial matters and the corona-virus on twitter and reddit is so banal, humorless and lawyerly that it’s hard to imagine it’s authentic.

        I mean, I can imagine being an infectious diseases nerd, and liking to take it seriously online with fellow like minded folks, but there’s 100s of thousands of them drowning everything out to the extent that it’s clearly a astroturfed in some way or another. Even if just because the systems are set up to reward it rather than outright buying the users.


      • That’s an interesting way to look at Reddit. It’s like the 4chan of centrism.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Guy says:

        What might eventually get some more converts is the fact that I do see a lot of people online angry that the protesters are distracting from the pandemic. I see a lot of “I agree wholeheartedly with BLM but…” posts, which are surprising because they come from the sorts of people that have accepted the COVID narrative without any doubt. It may lead to them questioning future narratives, despite this one being too late to get right.

        It also might result in them being the target of some hate mobs. The more hate mobbing, the more open eyes. As much as I don’t trust someone in the position of Tucker Carlson, and he can certainly be inauthentic at times (although sometimes it’s just him playing up emotion on something he may sincerely believe) there does seem to have been a shift in his demeanor and what he was willing to talk about after he had people supposedly at his door scaring his family when he was not home.

        Kavanaugh, another doubtful one but I’m looking at more high profile cases, seems to have let his guard down and talk more openly after he got attacked.

        I know in my personal life, being attacked changes your mindset, whether physically or socially if the attack is threatening enough… I wish I had better examples of high profile cases than two people who are likely actors, but hopefully the basic idea got across.


      • As Keith Woods said recently on a podcast with Spencer, I think anyone who can be redpilled by this latest spectacle will be.


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