Please Hate Israel More

they’re the same picture

Alt-right tropes have been percolating into populist conservatism for awhile now. Chief among these is an outsized opprobrium of Jews and Zionism as major sources of national and societal ills. As the 2020s progress and the boomers die off, this dime-store eschatology will only intensify and spread. And you know what? I can’t wait.

I love being hated. I’m a born contrarian. The other foot is never any better than the shoe, and moral rectitude is always a mask. That’s why anti-semites are invariably all windy mediocrities. Some things never change.

Please don’t misunderstand—my recent polemics may have given the wrong impression. I am emphatically not urging anyone to hush-up their sniveling about Israel. On the contrary, please, please keep it coming. I like my enemies ridiculous, and if you ever stop honking your red rubber nose I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. Five years ago, these midwits were a vanguard; today, with reactionary clichés selling like Beatlemania, T.S. Eliot’s “freethinking Jews” are the stuff of teenybopper nightmares.

Chief among “dissident”-right dilettantism’s apostles to the magapedes is the lithe and dilated carnival barker, Nick Fuentes, who this week emerged triumphant from a debate with an obscure boomercon attorney, hosted by Alex Jones, on the subject (what else?) of perfidious Israel. Who that is impressed by this can rightfully complain about boomers? The fruit nowadays is as rotten as the vegetables. If Sacha Baron Cohen and Jonathan Greenblatt were to sodomize them in a pizza parlor and delete their Twitter app, I’d fall down laughing.

you get what you fucking deserve

What does it mean, “America First”? It’s a spiteful, circuitous admission of worthlessness and defeat. It means, “why is no one defending me? Why can’t we have nice things? Where is my safe space to criticize your privilege? I’d like to please speak to a manager.” It is a syndrome of grown men who’ve only lately had the milk tit removed from their gibbering gobs.

And who is this American, who must be put first? What is an American? He is someone who would resent you if he had to lift a leg to step over your dying body on a hot sidewalk to get through the entrance of Panda Express. He’s a passive-aggressive spiritual carnie who loves his dog more than his next-door neighbor. Mountebanks like Fuentes out insisting he be catered to give no more of a shit about him than Lindsey Graham or Sean Hannity do.

The chief objective of U.S. foreign policy and military strategy since 1945 is unassailable technological and geospatial dominance. Jews ex machina is just the cost of doing business, when your business is to be in everybody else’s business. America was toppling legitimate governments, occupying foreign lands and handing out no-bid contracts to crimson profiteers long before Israel existed. It uses its reserve currency to decimate the economies of whole hemispheres and suck the surplus value out of them like a marrow bone. No one in the alt-right has anything to say about this unless they can pretend to blame it on Jews (which is obviously easier than closing your web browser and zipping your fly.) “I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’m not that kind of girl.” Show me a radcon newly woke to ZOG, and I’ll show you a replicant who has no affirmative vision of what an “America First” foreign or military policy would look like. When the money changers are driven from the temple, the Groypers will follow them to Wal Mart.

all the hasbara we need

8 thoughts on “Please Hate Israel More

  1. Guy says:

    Nick Fuentes still lives with his mommy, at least as of a couple years ago. According to sources he hasn’t removed the tit from his mouth yet. Funny you go to the weaning baby analogy, Owen Benjamin makes fun of Fuentes using the same imagery.

    America First should mean shoring up our domestic industries, at the expense even of low prices just for long term security, things like that.

    I often see myself as contrarian, but it might just be because all of society is incapable of learning and even when a truth or fresh idea reaches them they pervert it.

    For example: the new idea/truth “A lot of powerful Jews use their Jewishness as a shield for their financial crimes, they also seem to disproportionately run some of the bad things we don’t like, can that be mentioned and discussed?”

    The public’s idea after getting the above sent to them via memes: “Palestine is awesome, kill the bagel guy down the street, white reparations from Jews maybe???”

    I’ve said it before, but if they’re not feds, they’re retards…if they are feds???? That’s sinister shit.

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  2. Its amazing how the same geniuses who like to bang on and on about money going to Isreal, dont seem to see the hypocrisy in demanded that the U.S. send billions to the Palis.


    • They’d be right to reply to that, that Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid; but they have no idea what kinds of trade-offs that really involves for the recipient, and couldn’t care less about any other major profligate expenditure by the U.S. federal government.


  3. OneGodOnly says:

    Usually a lot of hate of Isreal from the right is not something out of a righteous cause (because righteous causes in the 21st century are leftwing and/or just an agenda for busybodies), but because Israel has something that they want, but can’t have served to them on a silver platter.

    It’s envy.


  4. Aditya Barot says:

    UC: I confess I have a crush of sorts on “UC” the polemicist. Now, now, please, lets not get carried away. I mean that its been far too long since someone interesting had anything interesting to say on this side of the Great Divide. Of course, there are far too few of the aforementioned. UC, my friend, I must complain: your offerings are far too meagre and you make us wait far too long. No one but my drug dealer can abuse me in this fashion.

    I eagerly devour your meagre offerings and the recent hostilities between the MoTs and the Arabs did not disappoint. Some of your arguments cover previous ground but then how could they not? Is there anything fresh left to say about the Yids and the Camel Jockeys?

    Like yourself, I feel a physical pain, excruciating, and I damn-near become so mad that I’m fit to be tied when Class A hypocrites like Buchanan, or, I don’t know, perhaps “Taki” bang on and on about the poor oppressed darkies in Palestine and do a damn-near perfect imitation of a shrewish Church lady venomously insulting a beautiful debutante as she lectures her on the importance of modesty and the wages of sin.

    Am I to seriously believe that Buchanan and Taki need a round of smelling salts on account of receiving credible reports of IDF atrocities? Taki, in his recent Speccie piece (posted on takimag and reproduced herein for your convenience claims he is an eyewitness to some unspecified atrocity. Why didn’t he report them to the authorities? After all, we all know that Heaven alone knows where Taki ends and Mother Theresa begins so it would be just and proper for Taki to bear witness against the IDF…

    Ne’er have I read a single word in condemnation of any of the half dozen conflicts occurring on a weekly basis which are prevented from turning into global conflagrations by the hard men of the CIA and the IDF. At least that was true until the Current Year. Cocksuckers like Taki and Buchanan with their broadsides are as dangerous as a dozen artillery regiments given the scope of destruction of their poison pen.

    The Tribe is the least sympathetic victim group in a world where, thanks in no mean part to the ceaseless labor of the Tribe, worth and value are pegged to “victimhood;” to wit, the ability to craft a narrative that anoints every untermenschen 3rd world savage to the de jure position of the white man’s superior provided the white man, at some vague point in History, had the ethny under his thumb, even if that was for no more than a cosmic minute since white domination in the past is ipso facto justification for untermenschen inviolability and superiorty.

    Anyway, I am as fed up as you are of these dumb fucks and their vicious petty-mindedness. Pied piper motherfuckers are gleefully driving the last remaining segment of this accursed society capable of a modicum of manhood off the cliff. Why bother with introspection and incremental victory when we can scream and shout about “the joos” and then kick back and relax as semi-retarded dumbfucks and the occasionally bright but chronically underconfident destroy themselves for our lulz? Mike Enoch should be publicly flogged, tarred and feathered. Taki and Buchanan should be crucified.

    How’s Cali treating you? I miss LA. Its been six years since I left. I really screwed the pooch when I was a Senior Associate and so I’m too ashamed to show my face until I have somewhat, somehow, redeemed myself. G-d, do I miss it! In-and-out, Tommy’s, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, the Brea pits, Elaat Bakery, Pico Kosher Deli, Pacific Dining Car….

    I”YH, someday soon….

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    • Thanks for your compliments! Yes, Palestine sympathy is the vocation of moralfags and a refuge for ulterior motives of every variety, a veritable Burning Man of ego defense and fake magnanimity.

      As far as my inconsistent output, I had a major professional endeavor earlier in the year that demanded 100% of my time and attention for months at a stretch and eventually broke my brain.

      I haven’t been in Cali for almost a decade! I’m in an undisclosed flyover locale. I miss the landscape, and the beach, and the urban centers of the Bay Area. I’ve only ever been to LA twice in my life though!


  5. OneGodOnly says:

    >What does it mean, “America First”? It’s a spiteful, circuitous admission of worthlessness and defeat. It means, “why is no one defending me? Why can’t we have nice things? Where is my safe space to criticize your privilege? I’d like to please speak to a manager.” It is a syndrome of grown men who’ve only lately had the milk tit removed from their gibbering gobs

    B-but muh pwrecious homewand and wheat fields…

    B-but muh Aryan mommy milkers…

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