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Cities from the air at night


You put the intransigence in transit

I rode north one autumn through high country, blind

Once upon a time

The burden of fate held up a staircase

and the buoyancy of youth left a gap between who you are

and what you signify for me

Dawn always breaks in the distance

Life defies us, is defiance

because the world is won by wickedness

but only seemingly so who needs Jerusalem

if it can never be forgotten?

I saw you in a dream, I knew it was really you

but when I woke up it seemed as if you were no longer there

We left these past lives in other places

that are scarcely more real than the ones we can’t recall

and if I lose you I won’t be me

if I could lose you I wouldn’t be myself

We may never set foot in the same city twice

But we live in each other

So let us take nothing for granted



This might burn a bit

When a stranger’s blithe gesture outweighs your plodding devotion

and you’re granted the serenity to accept the things you cannot change

When you carry around in you a shattered Jerusalem

and find yourself a stranger, but people aren’t strange

The millstone, the cross, the imperative to forgive

the impulse to murder, the necessity to live

the dread that stalks awake-nights, the antiseptic light

dementia and goosebumps and envy and blight

When lies gain the weight of stentorian tomes

and vigor and vim, and known unknown knowns

Then we ordinary folk can cross bridges in space

secure, validated with spit in our face

and decide when to chase and to now flee our tails

and determine the contours of our own comfy jails

When Might may lie down with the left and right hands

and erode all embankments and count up the sands

Then old Lot and his daughters can go fuck themselves

and grannies and housepets and Santa Claus’ elves

and beat the meatcleavers to swordshares and plows

and secure our slick winnings with purrs and meows

and confide our blanch longings despite no true friends

and incline our ears, trifling, to the way the world ends



Stay for the view

Innocent of everything that makes us fucked-up

a loner, a dogstar — and still, one of us

Long-suffering; redemption, two roads in a wood

chivalrous, steadfast and up to no good

With wary toleration, unquestioning faith

came in through the dog-door and asterisked fate

The sun also rises: what strange fruit is this?

I offered a shoulder

so I can exist

There’s room here for one more, we do hope you’ll join us

and show us our true selves

Indict us, conjoin us






Winter and the skin is breaking

I needed to be somewhere

I can’t remember

The sky wants to snow

then hesitates

Does hatred hibernate

Like indecipherable engravings

on moss speckled tombstones?



US 285 Colorado – 2012

There’s something everlasting in the scent of blood

So please accept that death overtakes each successive step

and the revelation of covered furniture

and the laboratory subcategorization of verse

and snow

and coffee stains

and soldiers of self-hate will be like wind to you

You’ll walk right through them, oblivious

like a wall through ghosts